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Kees van Dongen, Bouquet deFfleurs, ca. 1900, Trinity House
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by Brook S. Mason

The UK art dealership Trinity House arrived on these shores only seven days ago with a trove of 19th- and 20th-paintings and bronzes taking up a pricey perch in the late Emilio Pucci's own townhouse. Located directly across from Wildenstein & Co. on East 64th Street, on the piano nobile, Simon Shore, 40, who heads up Trinity House along with Steven Beale, 34, has decorated that roost akin to the gallery’s London premises off New Bond Street as well as their flagship in Cotswolds (that area up from London that struts across six counties and counts art and fashion world celebs Damien Hirst and Stella McCartney as country house habitu√©s). The original gallery is sited in the village of Broadway, pop. 2,500.