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Otto Muehl performing Mama & Papa in 1964
Photo by Kurt Kren
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by Elisabeth Kley

Neo-Expressionism in the raucous spirit of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jörg Immendorff is alive and well at "DICTATORBABY MARY POPPIN’S CATS, DOGS AND EGGPIES (THE REVOLUTIONBABY DE LARGE IS BACK)," German artist Jonathan Meese’s exhaustingly prolific exhibition at Bortolami on West 25th Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea art district. Pigment is slathered, splashed and squeezed from the tube over black backgrounds on the large multi-paneled paintings in the main gallery. The works are festooned with collaged elements that are covered with shiny varnish, including condoms, envelopes, underwear, blank yellow post-it notes, and photos of Meese and his mother.