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Kai Althoff, Untitled (Kibbutzim), 2008-2009, at Gladstone Gallery, New York. Copyright Kai Althoff, courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York
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by Elisabeth Kley

The German artist Kai Althoff is a second-generation Neo-Expressionist storyteller whose works constitute what might be called a scattered surrealist symphony of both youthful anomie and bohemian optimism. Although he is most notorious for vibrant, vaguely homoerotic scenes that could have been painted by the love child of Edouard Vuillard and Egon Schiele, such moody, two-dimensional creations are but fragments of a vast opus that incorporates installation, sculpture, video and music. Now 44, Althoff, frequently collaborates with other artists, often credits his works to imaginary alter egos, and occasionally drafts solipsistic texts that detail the complex, imagined narratives that accompany them.