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Osman Khan’s Networth (2004), installed at L.A. Louver
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by Emma Gray

Celebrity gawkers have got their knickers in a supreme twist over the arrival of Posh and Becks, who touched down at LAX earlier this month just ahead of David Beckham’s first day of practice for the L.A. Galaxy soccer team. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or perhaps a reaction to the recent spate of feminist shows, but of late I have seen no shortage of art that emphasizes sport, soccer and boy’s gone scouting. Add to that the runaway bestseller success of The Dangerous Book for Boys, and I feel like I am ready to climb a tree. To that end, a show titled "Milieu" at Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, June 30-Aug. 11, 2007, includes some nifty sculptures by Los Angeles-based artist Chris Beas that pay homage to the sport we Europeans like to call football.