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Inform Ventures statement of purpose
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by Ben Davis

Like a vampire bent on sucking the life out of public discourse, the "NEA propaganda story" refuses to die. For those who have not been paying attention, the National Endowment for the Arts is under fire from Glenn Beck and other right-wingers desperate for anything that can steer the national conversation away from actual issues. Beck devoted yet another segment of his nightly cable show to the NEA on Monday night, bringing on his favorite art-world mouthpiece, Patrick Courrielche, to help wheel out some more of his conspiracy theories. Courrielche, of course, is the L.A.-based marketer-turned-blogger who first accused the Obama administration of trying to use the NEA to harness art towards partisan ends [see "The New Culture Wars," Aug. 28, 2009]. So far, Courrielche has been given free rein to pop up on various Fox News outlets, from Beck to Hannity, posing as a concerned citizen.