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Rose Hartman
Linda Evangelista at a Versace fashion show after-party, 67th Street Armory, 1990
FIT Marcus Gladys Library, New York
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Rose Hartman


Dec. 2, 2011 

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Do you have a yen for the glamour days of yesteryear, when the crowds gathered outside the velvet ropes at Studio 54, and high-fashion beauties vamped in nostalgic black and white as well as disco color? If so, get thee to FIT’s Gladys Marcus Library on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, where photographer Rose Hartman’s exhibition of 60 works documenting the biggest and brightest in New York glamour, "Incomparable Women of Style: Selections from the Rose Hartman Photography Archives, 1977-2011," is on view through Jan. 20, 2012.

The library’s first large-scale installation celebrates Hartman’s gift of her complete photography archive to FIT, and includes rare vintage silver prints as well as her most well-known images of her most well-known -- and “well-dressed” -- subjects. Organized by FIT Master’s candidate Anna Yanofsky and FIT’s Karen Trivette Cannell in collaboration with Hartman, the show marks Hartman’s evolution from English teacher to preeminent chronicler of New York’s style world, and traces her transition from analog to digital. Pictured in elite venues like the Mudd Club, behind the scenes at exclusive fashion parties and on the street at Chelsea gallery openings, Hartman’s iconic women include Bianca Jagger, Vivienne Westwood, Margaux Hemingway, Naomi Campbell, Lauren Hutton, Madonna and many more.

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