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Yoko Ono and David Rockefeller Jr. at the dinner celebrating the $2 million gift from Volkswagen to the Museum of Modern Art at the museum on May 23, 2011; photo by Billy Farrell/
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Party Pictures

May 25, 2011 

If you've just gotten $2 million for your programming from Volkswagen, or broken ground for a $720 million new museum building, you can usually find a few bucks to throw a party. So it was this week for the celebratory dinner at the Museum of Modern Art on May 23, 2011, co-sponsored by the museum and the German car company, and the Whitney Art Party: The Groundbreakers, whose honorary co-chairs include the New York Knicks power forward Amar'e Stoudemire -- a Whitney patron, believe it or not -- held to benefit the Whitney's Independent Study Program, at the Highline Stages over on the Lower West Side of Manhattan on May 24, 2011.

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