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Ed Moses, Hewd Out, 2011, in “Venice in Venice” in the Palazzo Contarini Dagli Scrigni, Venice 2011
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Party Pictures

June 10, 2011 

The party doesn't stop in Venice, whether it's the one in Los Angeles or Italy. “Venice in Venice,” organized by Nyehaus founder Tim Nye and curator Jacqueline Miro under the auspices of the New York-based nonprofit Foundation 20 21, brought art and artists from the 1960s Venice (Cal.) scene to the opulent Palazzo Contarini Dagli Scrigni on the glistening Grand Canal in Venice (Italy).

Opening June 3-July 31, 2011, the "Venice to Venice" vernissage featured Courtney Love at the microphone and father-and-son skaters Steve and Alex Olson making an on-site painting on a skate ramp. A collateral event of the 54th Venice Biennale, the show  featured Light and Space art by Robert Irwin and James Turrell, Finish Fetish art by Peter Alexander, Larry Bell, John McCracken, DeWain Valentine and Craig Kauffman, and more by John Altoon, Charles Arnoldi, Billy Al Bengston, Tony Berlant, Wallace Berman, Vija Celmins, Bruce Conner, Ron Cooper, Lad­die John Dill, Joe Goode, Robert Graham, George Herms, Ed Moses, Kenneth Price and Ed Ruscha.

All photos by Stefano Ferrando and Angela Colonna.

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