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Photographs by Ruth Fruehauf
  Out at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, Kinkead Contemporary in Los Angeles and Art International Pasadena, Oct. 25-28, 2007
North Point Gallery director
Jessie Dunn-Gilbert
Elizabeth Peters of Montgomery Gallery and art dealer John Berggruen
San Francisco Fall Antiques Show director Lisa Beth Podos
Designer Karen Graham (right) and friend
Karen Caldwell of Caldwell Snyder Gallery and collector Linda Bellancourt
Art & Physics author Leonard Shlain and his daughter, the artist Kimberly Brooks
Designer Surma Mauro of Rideaux
Collectors Didi Wilsey and John Traina with a 19th-century folk art horse at the booth of Connecticut dealer Allan Katz
Interior designer Myra Hoefer
Kelly Hohla of Jeffers Design Group, Kassin Laverty of Kendall Wilkinson Design and Barbie Zeldis of the Zeldis Group
Pamela Babey of BAMO interior design, collector Sally Swing and architect David Wing
Interior designer Steven Volpe and Maggie Schott of San Francisco’s Hedge Gallery
Collector Carmen Butler
Patricia Barlow and Roth Martin of
Hedge Gallery
Jewelry designer Rosalia Schoemaker and writer
Tamsen Merrill
Frish Brandt of the Fraenkel Gallery
Bruno Mauro and his daughter Saskia
Designers Dorrit Eglie and Grant Gibson
Paige Lupton and Andrea Feltis of
Kneedler Fauchere
Susie Boeings with collectors Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Moore
Collectors O.J. and Gary Shansby
Dealer Marc Richards and collector
Alexander Muromcew
Collector Paula de Bos, Metropolitan Museum curator Jared Goss and designer Constance Thompson
Collectors Bill and
Adriana Hayward
  Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry open "Now, Forever and Together"
at Kinkead Contemporary Gallery, Oct. 20-Dec. 1, 2007
Artist Jacqueline Tarry and Hammer Museum curator James Elaine
Amy and John Kinkead of the
Kinkead Gallery
Artists Marc Lee and Brad McCallum
Video artist Bruce Yonemoto
Collectors Colleen and Bradley Bell
Artist Donald Ferguson
Curator Sima Familant and LAX Gallery’s
Laurie Firstenberg
Artist Tram van Tran and curator Simon Watson
Malik Gaines of with
Alexander Segade
Collectors Stefan Mueller and Martin Furger
Art dealer Ilene Kurtz with collector Karen Johnson
  Out at Art International Pasadena, Oct. 19-21, 2007, and elsewhere on the West Coast
Eleana Del Rio of Koplin Del Rio
Pasadena art dealers James Main and
Gary Breitweiser
Dealer Kathleen Avery of Palo Alto, Ca.
Marty Ellis and Sima Har-Lev of OSAT fair organizers
Elaine Adams of American Legacy Fine Arts, Pasadena
Edward Cella of Edward Cella Art+Architecture, Santa Barbara
Jeffrey Winter of Papillon Gallery, Los Angeles
Ronald and April Stendahl of Stendahl Galleries,
Los Angeles
Los Angeles dealer Michael Solway
Jeffrey Moran at John Moran Auctioneers
Kyle Amundsen at John Moran Auctioneers
Trigg Ison with a work by Andre Masson at Trigg Ison Fine Art in West Hollywood
Monika Ramnath, Kristen Glover and Miriam Noske of the California Arts Club