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Jodi Cobb
Jodi Cobb, photograph, "Contemporary Slavery" at Exit Art, June 3-Aug. 5, 2011


June 6, 2011

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Did slavery really end with the Civil War? Not according to the artists and scholars taking part in Exit Art’s new “Contemporary Slavery” exhibition, June 3-Aug. 5, 2011, and symposium, on June 11.

Photojournalists such as Ian Berry, Jodi Cobb, Stefan Irvine, Naser Khan, Tiana Markova-Gold and others will display works depicting prison labor, sex trafficking, sweatshops and farm worker exploitation that are all part of a global economy built on slavery -- a system the United Nation says involves more than 27 million people.

Apart from the art exhibition, the show includes poetry and film programming and three panels on subjects like “The Slave Next Door: Local and Global Labor,” all challenging traditional conceptions of slavery and exposing the arenas where it exists today.

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