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Chris Johanson
Chris Johanson’s band Sun Foot


Aug. 8, 2011

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In a city where every artist has a band, it’s not much of a surprise that street artist Chris Johanson is debuting his “Quiet Music Festival” in Portland, Ore., Aug. 12-13, 2011, at the Disjecta Interdisciplinary Art Center. It’s dubbed “quiet” because Johanson just “doesn’t like to be around loud music anymore.”

The festival brings “emotional, vibrant and low-volume” music from the likes of Stephen Malkmus of Pavement, Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio and Tom Greenwood of Jackie-O Motherfucker, as well as Johanson’s band, Sun Foot. For the visual-art contingent, Johanson’s creating a 1970s-themed installation of lamps, pillows and fabrics, meant to evoke a “casual energy,” that will serve as the venue’s décor. Plus, on sale are a range of T-shirts that Johanson has designed over the last few years, records from his label Awesome Vistas, which features some of his own cover art, and silkscreen posters by partner and fellow Beautiful Losers film subject Johanna Jackson and local artist Dana Dart-McLean. Jackson’s also contributing a short film, Everyone Has a Life, for the backdrop of Sun Foot’s performance.

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