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The Pursuit of Porcelain
“The Pursuit of Porcelain” at Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield, Mass., right, with a detail of Chris Antemann’s Sideboard, 2011


June 7, 2011

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The Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield, Mass., presents “Pursuit of Porcelain,” May 28-July 24, 2011, an ambitious and ingenious installation of ceramic sculpture, photography and works on paper by almost 20 artists.

Staged as a contemporary version of an 18th-century European porcelain room by Oregon artist Chris Antemann, the installation features her own works plus interpretations of the concept by artists Molly Hatch, Sergei Isupov, Mara Superiorand Jason Walker. Antemann, the 2010 recipient of the Groot Foundation award, has the first-ever artist residency at the Meissen factory in Dresden in six months; her works are priced in the $5,000-$35,000 range.

The show also includes individual and group portraits of the artists by portrait photographer Bill Wright, done Victorian-style in a formal New York City dining room. Kendrick Moholt contributes large-format photos of more intimate details of Antemann’s sculptures, as well as photos or video by Barnaby Barford, Sean Capone and Lucy Feller.

Studio pottery, tableware and design in porcelain are represented by works by Molly Hatch, Giselle Hicks, Frances Palmer, Klein Reid Porcelain and Gwendolyn Yoppolo. Other works in the show include spray-paint cans done in porcelain by Christa Assad and Renaisssance-style porcelain portraits by Kelly Garret Rathbone.

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Pursuit of Porcelain
Bill Wright’s portrait of “Pursuit of Porcelain” artists, featuring Chris Antemann and Gerrit Grimm on the couch and standing, from left, Molly Hatch, Christa Assad and Giselle Hicks