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New Art


Sept. 7, 2011 

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If you haven't started yet, you're already behind. A selection of 30 new shows opening in New York in the next four days, Sept. 7-10, 2011.

Aida Ruilova, “Goner,” Sept. 7-Oct. 23, 2011, a ca. 12-minute-long psychological thriller, at Salon 94 Bowery

Jackie Saccoccio, Portrait, 2011, on view in “Andrew Gbur, Keltie Ferris, Jackie Saccoccio,” Sept. 7-Oct. 16, 2011, at Eleven Rivington

Leonardo Silaghi, Sept. 7-Oct. 2, 2011, new paintings depicting industrial machinery by the Romanian artist, at Marc Strauss, in the new gallery’s temporary space at 132 Delancey Street

Loren Munk, The Bowery and the New Lower East Side, 2008-10, in “Loren Munk: Location, Location, Location - Mapping the New York Art World,” Sept. 7-Oct. 16, 2011, at Lesley Heller Workspace

Michelle Lopez, “Vertical Neck,” Sept. 7-Oct. 30, 2011, at Simon Preston Gallery

Dzine, “Imperial Nail Salon,” Sept.7-Oct. 23, an environment of paintings, nails, furnishings and a low-rider chandelier, at Salon 94 Freemans

Ippolita, “Reliquary,” Sept. 7-8, 2011, six large-scale glass, steel and video “reliquaries” by the Italian-born artist -- well known as a successful jeweler -- in her New York art debut at the High Line Stages at 440 West 15th street (and at the New York Academy of Art, Sept. 27-mid-October)

Elijah Gowin, “Into the Sun,” Sept. 8-Oct. 22, 2011, at Robert Mann Gallery

Stephen Pace, Untitled 1951-54, 1951, in “Stephen Pace: Abstract Expressionist,” Sept. 8-Oct. 1, 2011, at at Spanierman Modern

Hale Tenger, Beirut, 2005-07 (video still), in “Double Crescent: Art from Istanbul and New Orleans,” Sept. 9-Oct. 22, 2011, curated by Dan Cameron, inaugural show at the new bi-level, 9000-square-foot C24 Gallery, 514 West 24th Street

David Levinthal, “Attack of the Bricks: Star Wars,” Sept. 8-Oct. 22, 2011, at Gering & López

Jesse Small, “dESIGN hELL,” Sept. 8-Oct. 22, 2011, new sculpture mimicking outdated functional objects from the domestic world, at Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Mike Cockrill, Modernist, 2006, on view Sept. 9-Oct. 22, 2011, accompanied by a catalogue with an essay by Anthony Haden-Guest, at Kent Fine Art, now in a new space at 210 Eleventh Avenue, second floor

Paul Henry Ramirez, “Playconics,” Sept. 8 -Oct. 15, 2011, with catalogue essay by Donald Kuspit, at Galerie Richard, 514 West 24th Street, the new Chelsea outpost at of the veteran Paris dealer Jean-Luc Richard, whose first-year lineup includes shows by Carl Fudge, Beverly Fishman, Shirley Kaneda and Joseph Nechvatal

Robert Schwartz, Living on Grasshoppers, 1990, Sept. 8-Oct. 7, 2011, at Babcock Galleries

Roland Fischer, NAB, Melbourne, 2011, on view Sept. 6-Oct. 8, 2011, at Von Lintel Gallery

Do Ho Suh, Home within Home- Prototype, 2009-11, on view Sept. 8-Oct. 22, 2011, at Lehmann Maupin

Haim Steinbach, Wild Things, 2011, in “Haim Steinbach: Creature,” Sept. 8-Oct. 22, 2011, at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Nicola Tyson, Sept. 8-Nov. 5, 2011, at Friedrich Petzel Gallery

Jennifer Dalton, “Cool Guys Like You,” Sept. 9-Oct. 15, 2001, at Winkleman Gallery, opening reception Sept. 9

Martha Wilson, “I Have Become My Own Worst Fear,” Sept. 9-Oct. 8, 2011, at PPOW

Leandro Erlich, “Two Different Tomorrows,” Sept. 10-Oct. 22, 2011, at Sean Kelly Gallery

Alex Katz, Anna, 2010, on view Sept. 10-Oct. 8, 2011, at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, in the artist’s first show at the gallery

Anthony Goicolea, “Pathetic Fallacy,” Sept. 10-Oct. 15, 2011, new drawings and photographs, including a 40-foot-long wall of layered drawings on mylar, at Postmasters Gallery

Gregory Green, “Through the Night Softly,” Sept. 10-Oct. 16, 2011, at Regina Rex, the artist-run exhibition space at 17-17 Troutman, #329, in Ridgewood, Queens

Joel Meyerowitz, “Aftermath,” Sept. 10-17, 2011, marking the 10-year anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, at Edwynn Houk Gallery, reception and book signing on Sept. 10, 3-5

Keren Cytter, “Video Art Manual,” Sept. 10-Oct. 15, 2011, films and works on paper by the Israeli artist, at Zach Feuer Gallery

Nick Cave, Soundsuit, 2011, “Nick Cave: For Now,” Sept. 10-Oct. 22, 2011, at Mary Boone Gallery, West 24th Street

Richard Pettibone, Roy Lichtenstein, ‘The Refrigerator,’ 1961 and Andy Warhol, ‘Large Campbell’s Soup Can, Tomato,’ 1964, 2010, in “Richard Pettibone: Recent Work,” Sept. 10-Oct. 22, 2011, at Leo Castelli

“Sterling Ruby/Lucio Fontana,” Sept. 10-Oct. 15, 2011, at Andrea Rosen Gallery

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