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Mike Osterhout’s Church of the Little Green Man
Mike Osterhout’s Church of the Little Green Man in Glen Wild, N.Y.


June 7, 2011

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Summer approaches, and that means only one thing in the art world -- art exhibitions mounted not in cities but in obscure rural locales. Artist Mike Osterhout, who back in the 1980s set the East Village on fire with his Church of the Little Green Man Sunday performance fests and also led the forgotten punk band Purple Jesus, has revived his art activities for the summer on the outskirts of bucolic Rock Hill, N.Y.

Mo David North opened over Memorial Day with an exhibition of erotica  by photographers Richard Kern, Marianna Rothen and George Holz in a painstakingly restored country church across the road from an oversized hillbilly petting zoo featuring camels, ostriches and fainting goats. The photographs are on view in the church itself, the parish house annex and the two-seater out back. Mo David North is located at 143 Old Glen Wild Road din Glen Wild, N.Y., just off Rte. 17 on the way to Callicoon, where Photios GiovannisCallicoon Fine Arts in Callicoon, N.Y., is celebrating its third season.

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Mo David North
A photo installation in the outhouse at Mo David North in Glen Wild, N.Y.