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Martin Creed, Work No. 1051, 2010, at Gavin Brown's Enterprise
Martin Creed, Work No. 1051, 2010, at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise


Nov. 29, 2011

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Next March, YBA Conceptualist and Turner Prize winner Martin Creed is taking over London restaurant the Gallery at Sketch with installation of flooring, furniture and cutlery. Work No. 1347 (titled in Creed’s typical numeric fashion) is a zigzag pattern of 96 varieties of marble on the floor, matched with a series of four new large-scale wall paintings and several others on canvas. For Work No. 1343, Creed is bringing together an ensemble of unique pieces of silverware, glasses, tables and chairs -- objects which may have been manufactured at Ikea or during the 19th century, but no two are alike.

Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire is designing the menu “in unison with the artist’s concerns, allowing freedom to experiment and create dishes directly influenced by Creed’s artwork,” according to the press release. That could mean a row of vegetables organized by shape, but then, who knows?

The amiable Glasgow-raised Creed (b. 1968) has been an avant-garde favorite since Work No. 227: the lights going on and off won him the Turner Prize in 2001 -- which, come to think of it, may come in handy at closing time. Previously, Creed has ordered increasingly smaller-sized chairs and tables into minimalist stack-sculptures at London’s Fruitmarket gallery, and for a 2010 exhibition at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise he lined the floor with rows of colorful marble planks. In the New York Times, Roberta Smith wrote that it was “a stunning, seemingly encyclopedic testament to nature’s beauty and variety.”

The installation runs through Sept. 2013.

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