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Jan Steen, The Wedding Night of Tobias and Sarah, 1658
Jan Steen, The Wedding Night of Tobias and Sarah, 1658


Aug. 16, 2011

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The municipality of The Hague agreed to pay Marei von Saher, the daughter-in-law and only heir of Jewish Old Master dealer Jacques Goudstikker, $1.43 million in a settlement that will allow a fragment of a Jan Steen painting to stay at the Bredius Museum. The work, The Wedding Night of Tobias and Sarah, was one of some 1,400 paintings Nazis looted from Goudstikker’s collection in Amsterdam in 1940. The dealer died that same year after falling through a trap door aboard the boat that was supposed to deliver him to safety in England.

The painting was torn in two, with one side belonging to Goudstikker and the other to The Hague. It was repaired in 1996 and will now remain intact, though it is thought to still be only the center of what was once a much larger painting.

The victory is just one in a long line of restitution cases brought by von Saher in recent years. In 2006, she won back more than 200 paintings from the Dutch government.

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