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Adam Walker
Adam Walker, Malevich, 2011, at Pangolin London


Sept. 26, 2011

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British artist Marcus Harvey, one of the more outrageous artists of the YBA revolution of the 1990s, is turning his hand to a more sedate pastime -- curating. Harvey is probably best known for his controversial 1998 portrait of “Moors Murderer” Myra Hindley, who tortured and killed five children with her partner David Brady. He assembled an 11-by-nine-foot picture of her face out of hundreds of tiny childrens’ handprints. Vandals hurled eggs and ink at it, and it caused four members of the Royal Academy, which exhibited the work as part of its “Sensation” show, to resign.

Now, coinciding with the Frieze Art Fair, Harvey is organizing an exhibition at Pangolin London on a far less sensational topic. “Two and a Half Dimensions” -- a term coined by Harry Thubron during his tenure at Goldsmiths -- opens Sept. 21-Oct. 29, 2011, and explores the “gateway” between wall paintings that deal with three-dimensionality and standing sculptures that explore elements of painting.

Harvey has brought together a cross-generational group of artists for the show: Richard Clegg, who casts easels, paintbrushes and canvases in polyester resin; plus Tina Jenkins, Adam Walker, Richard Clegg, Ian Dawson, Anthony Caro, Hew Locke, Edward Lipski, Martin Westwood, Sophie Newell, Jeremy Butler, Tina Jenkins, Corin Johnson, plus works by Thubron and himself.

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