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Apr. 26, 2011

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The forces of Law & Order in Los Angeles, never known for wise forbearance, are reacting to "Art in the Streets" at the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art by arresting every graffiti artist they can get their hands on. First, local authorities nabbed Invader, who is celebrated for putting up mosaic tiles rather than painted tags, but then released him; a French national, Invader is thought to have left the country. The cops then arrested Smear, aka Cristian Gheorghiu, in the wake of a Los Angeles Times profile of the writer.

Last but hardly least, graffiti artist REVOK, aka Jason Williams -- whose work is included in "Art in the Streets" -- was arrested at the airport on an outstanding warrant and then, on Monday, sentenced to 180 days in jail. REVOK was found to have violated his probation on a 2009 vandalism arrest, which involved his getting caught with a trove of paint cans and other graffiti materials; more may be in store for him, as the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department promises further investigation.

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