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Mary Karantzou
Mary Karantzou’s costumes for artist Pablo Bronstein’s “Sketches for Regency Living” at the Institute for Contemporary Art


June 9, 2011

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Up-and-coming Greek fashion designer Mary Katrantzou, who attracted scads of praise for the digital prints and sculptural designs she debuted at London Fashion Week in February, has teamed up with U.K.-based artist Pablo Bronstein to create the elaborate costumes for his mixed-media and performance exhibition at London’s Institute of Contemporary Art, “Sketches for Regency Living,”June 9-Sept. 25, 2011.

Bronstein’s Regency architecture-inspired drawings, installations and furniture designs take up the entire ICA building -- bar and all -- while dancers perform one of his choreographed ballets every hour in the lower gallery. Set against Bronstein’s 45-foot painting of a white James Gibbs-style classical building, the dancers wear Katrantzou’s equally ornate costumes: an archly tailored silk pantsuit with a scrolling gold print and a gilded clock on the chest, and a white and green evening gown of silk and tulle, an image of a ballroom printed on its front.

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