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Jane McAdam Freud with a view of her Earthstone Triptych
Jane McAdam Freud with a view of her Earthstone Triptych


Apr. 19, 2012

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Supposedly Lucian Freud hated sitting for portraits himself, but, as he lay on his deathbed last summer, he agreed to let his daughter, artist Jane McAdam Freud, spend several weeks sketching him.

Now, the 53-year-old McAdam Freud, who has said that she was initially attracted to sculpture because it was one of the mediums that remained unexplored in her family, has transformed the sketches into a series of reliefs, sculptures and collages. The new body of work, titled “Family Matters,” is on view at London’s Gazelli Art House, Apr. 24-May 29, 2012.

The show is an extension of the artist’s recently closed large-scale sculpture exhibition “Lucian Freud My Father” at the Freud Museum, which explored McAdam’s complicated relationship with the famed figurative painter, whom she only came to know as an adult. That exhibition included a three-foot-tall clay bust of Lucian, a theme she has continued in the new show with a “portrait sculpture” that depicts a combination between her face and her father’s.

Beyond the subject matter of her father, McAdam Freud is also showing a bronze portrait of her half-sister Annabel, as well as sculptures of her own family. And, to memorialize a late friend, a neighbor of McAdam Freud’s who was a hoarder, the artist has created an installation using the door of the woman’s house.

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