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Aquarium Project (2)
Pierre Huyghe, Aquarium Project (2), 2010, photo by Melissa Dubbin


June 21, 2011

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The Frieze Art Fair has selected the eight artists to make site-specific works for this year’s installment of the popular London contemporary art fair, Oct. 12-16, 2011. Curated by Sarah McCrory, the project promise to bring a definite “meta” quality to the goings-on.

Two artists are providing signage: The Rotterdam-based duo Bik Van der Pol plans a full-sized scoreboard, with texts spelling out maxims and quotations (animated old-style by hand, rather than electronically), and the London-based French artist Laure Prouvost (b. 1978) is installing her signature hand-painted signs around the fair.

Peles Empire, a six-year-old collaboration by Katharina Stöever and Barbara Wolff based on a 19th-century Romanian castle in the Carpathian Mountains -- titled “Peles” -- plans to install a working bar at Frieze, while the London artists’ group LuckyPDF promises a kind of live daily variety show from the Frieze Art Fair grounds, viewable not only at the fair itself but also on the Frieze website.

The Berlin artist Oliver Laric (b. 1981) is making stock video images of the fair and offers them for free, and the Berlin artist Christian Jankowski (b. 1968) has contracted with a yacht dealer to sell a boat rather than art at one of the fair’s stands. The London-based Scottish artist Cara Tolmie (b. 1984) is doing a new performance work that “constructs a postulated fictional space.”

And last but not least, the French artist Pierre Huyghe (b. 1962) promises one of his substantial aquariums filled with unusual sea creatures (creating “an intimate psychological world,” not to mention “a fictitious narrative”).

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