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Ron English's movie poster design for Morgan Spurlock's 2011 documentary The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Ron English’s movie poster design for Morgan Spurlock’s 2011 documentary The Greatest Movie Ever Sold


Mar. 27, 2012

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Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker who got fat eating nothing but McDonald’s for his 2004 documentary Super Size Me, apparently also has a hefty urban-art collection, and is making his curatorial debut. For the group exhibition “New Blood” at Culver City’s Thinkspace Gallery, Apr. 28-May 19, 2012, Spurlock is presenting new works by recognized artists, juxtaposed with lesser-known artists of their choosing.

“This show is all about artists who I think have and are continuing to impact and change the art world, and each one of these artists is bringing along an ‘apprentice’ or ‘protégé’ who they think we all need to know about,” Spurlock said in a statement on the gallery's website. So, for example, Shepard Fairey picked Nicholas Bowers, Dzinepicked Jesus (Bubu) Negron, Ron English picked Kid Zoom and Jonathan Yeo picked Charlie Gouldsborough.

Spurlock’s been collecting street art since 2005, lining his home and office walls in New York with works by Ray Caesar, Invader, WK Interact and English, whose fat vinyl Ronald McDonald sculptures appear frequently in Spurlock’s collection.

The invitation card for the show aptly features one of English’s carnivalesque renditions of The Last Supper. In this one, originally the movie poster for Spurlock’s documentary The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, trades in the 12 apostles for the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Harry Potter and Shrek. For some reason Judas is Buzz Lightyear and Jesus is none other than a handlebar-mustachioed Spurlock.

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