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Master plan by K/R Architects for the Parque de Levante in Murcia, Spain
Master plan by K/R Architects for the Parque de Levante in Murcia, Spain


June 21, 2011

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So, back in the 1990s, everyone’s favorite Museum of Modern Art design curator Terence Riley gets stolen away to head up the Miami Art Museum, which was then and is now in the middle of building a wacky new art “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” facility, but then a couple of years ago he quits before it’s finished to do something truly nutty -- that is, to go back to practicing architecture.

And what does he come up with? Nothing less than a new Earthworks park and museum in Spain. In partnership with John Keenen as K/R Architects, the firm has designed the master plan for the new 100-acre Parque de Levante along the Segura River near the historic city center of Murcia, a park that is envisioned as a “bio-diverse open air museum” devoted to land-based art installations. What’s more, the site is slated to have a 485,000-square-foot campus for a new Museum of Art, Design and the Environment, to focus on environmental artworks. The architect for the new museum is still to be chosen.

The master plan provides for a food-and-agriculture center, an event center and artists’ residencies. Underwriting the endeavor, in addition to the city of Murcia, is the Murcia Futuro, a new foundation launched by the Fundación Gabarrón.

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