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Christian Boltanski
Christian Boltanski


Feb. 16, 2012

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French multimedia artist Christian Boltanski is trying out an unusual business model for his long-term new art project, Storage Memory -- a series of films he plans to make every month for the rest of his life. The scheme calls for the artist to shoot 10 one-minute movies on a small high-def camera every 30 days, upload them to the internet and make them available to subscribers for €10 a month or €120 per year.

He considers the monthly installments part of a work in progress which “only death will put an end to.” Together, he says the films add up to, “with the passage of time, a kind of self-portrait depicting his experiences and emotions, a work in progress of unknown duration.”

Boltanski’s work has often dealt with archiving human ephemera that might otherwise be lost to memory. In 2010 he installed Les Archives du Coeur, a sound installation of 45,000 recorded heartbeats from individuals around the world on the Japanese island of Teshima.

Audience participation is another hallmark of Boltanski’s work. At Teshima, visitors can have their own heartbeats recorded, and Boltanski seems to think Storage Memory will be even more intimate. After one year, subscribers receive a certificate, plus the total 120 films, which Boltanski said in a video posted on Artnet France, is “a piece of me.”

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