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Helen and Brice Marden, photo by Patrick McMullan
Helen and Brice Marden, photo by Patrick McMullan


Aug. 10, 2011

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Abstract painter Brice Marden is getting the full Page Six treatment from the New York Post for his wife’s outburst at New York’s Bar Pitti on Monday night. First the Post reported that wife Helen Marden “flew into a rage” and “lunged” at onetime Voguewriter Helen Lee Schifter over what the paper said was her “friendship” with Brice. Schifter, who is married to LeSportsac CEO Tom Schifter, told the paper that her relationship with Brice is "platonic," strictly that of "artist and muse."

Now, the Mardens have contacted the Post to correct a few details. Brice, who is 72, declared that the relationship with Schifter was, in fact, “non-platonic” and that she “was not my muse.” Meanwhile, Helen added that she “was cold and calm. I did not lurch. I was not in a rage. I slapped her.”

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