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Matthew Weber
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Apr. 15, 2008

One of the weirder things associated with the upcoming 2008 Olympics in Beijing has got to be the Artiade, a little-noted exhibition of art that piggybacks on the games. An initiative of German curator Renate Westhoff-Reisch, the Artiade claims on its website to be the "only exhibition which is allowed to use the phrase Olympics," and to be offering an exhibition both at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles and at an undisclosed, smaller location in Beijing, Aug. 7-Sept. 7, 2008. It has a logo of colored, linked rings similar but not identical to the Olympic logo. As a press release puts it, "When the athletes are competing for a place on the victory podium at the Olympic Games in Beijing, about 200 artists of their home countries will represent their culture as well, at the 4th ARTIADE."