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May 18, 2011

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* Christo’s Colorado river project may depend on how it affects the area’s Bighorn Sheep, reports the New York Times. [Image: Christo and Jean-Claude, Over the River (detail), 2005]

* The West Broadway loft of painter Robert De Niro Sr. remains as it was when he died in 1993, reports Cindy Adams in the New York Post. Her tour was led by Robert De Niro the actor.

* Gagosian Gallery represents about half of all the artists in the evening contemporary art auctions held in New York in early May, according to Sarah Thornton in the Economist.

* Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was granted a visit from his wife, Lu Qing, on Sunday -- his first contact with the outside world in 43 days, according to the Associated Press.

* Critic cat fight! Jerry Saltz has it out with two architecture critics over the design of the American Folk Art Museum, on his Facebook page.

* The National Portrait Gallery unveils its commissioned portrait of Bill and Melinda Gates on May 17, 2011.

* Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough has asked many of its federal employees to consider a new buyout or early retirement offer, says the Washington Post.

* The National Endowment for the Arts has awarded $88 million in grants to 1,145 non-profits around the U.S., says NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman.

*The New York Board of Regents approved a set of restrictions on museums’ deaccessioning rights yesterday, reports the New York Times.

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