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VIRGO August 23rd-September 21st
Jupiter has been in friendly to you Taurus for a year, and from the 11th he is about to depart that sign and to move into Gemini. From Taurus he has brought opportunities to do with academic advantage and also overseas or long-distance international advantage. He has also brought a modicum of protection, luck and a boost to your growth, either inner or outer. This month those Virgos who are last to receive his blessings are born after September 19th, so before the 11thh this group should savor Jupiter’s goodies. At the very least it is a good time to take a vacation. From Gemini where he will be for about a year, he will be in square angle to your Sun, which is not so comfortable. When Jupiter is in square angle, it tends to encourage extravagance, over-the-top behavior, a little bit of over-confidence and complacency. Since your sign is not prone to these characteristics anyway, he is really likely to just loosen you up a little. He may bring bonuses in career and in one’s reputation and status, but he can also give a little bit of luck that one should not take too much for granted. Over reaching on many levels is a little bit of a danger.

Indeed, being Gemini’s month, this particular period of the year does tend to emphasize career, professional issues and one’s reputation, and indeed before the 7th, much negotiation and the power of your communication skills will be rather vital in this area of life.

With Venus in Gemini all month there is a feeling that your charms are a great asset to your being in your professional capacity. It is also an extremely positive pointer towards the creative font being high-profile and will be a much admired factor in your life, and after the 27th there is definitely a feeling that you are going to prove the benefits that result from some self-reflection that you have been experiencing, to do with either love life or creative abilities.

However, Mars is of course still in your sign, as he has been for a very protracted period. He is now directly impacting those born September 6th to 22nd. For this group there is a very strong feeling of assertiveness in the air either from you to others or from others to you. For the female of the species, men may be coming on quite strong in any capacity, and for the men, they are likely to be feeling a little on the Bolshie side. At the very least, the principle of drive, competition, assertion, ambition and the desire for physical activity is underlined. Life can be particularly energized and activated out of necessity when Mars is in the air.

Currently, as has been said before, many Virgos need to keep an eye on their finances, particularly if they are involved with others. Those with whom you share finances or those who have stewardship over your finances, just need to have an eye kept on them as the unpredictable is definitely in the air and one needs to take personal responsibility as much as possible for one’s economic situation, when the planet Uranus is in your solar 8th house.

Because Neptune is now relatively newly in Pisces, your opposite sign, those born at the beginning of Virgo will be feeling the very powerful vibes of Neptune, notably if born August 24th to 27th. For the next 18 months or so, Neptune will be weaving his spell around you. This can quite simply mean that there is an element of potential self-deception or deception from other people, and others may project themselves in a way that is not actually representative of reality, or you may choose to see what you wish to see. There is also likely to be a longing or yearning to have people around one who represent an ideal -- the need for a hero. Equally one can become very vulnerable to victims whom one feels a great need to rescue in some way. Either way has pitfalls in its wake because of the lack of clarity of vision. For some there will be a confusion or disorientation as to the way forward in life, particularly vis-à-vis relationships, and there will be a feeling in some cases that partners in life, whether they be professional or personal, are somehow becoming elusive and hard to pin down, and there is a sense of a gradual erosion of ties. This can happen subtly and gradually unless one keeps one’s eye on the ball. For some there is also a greatly increased hunger for spiritual dimensions and there is always a danger of becoming attached to, or too influenced by perceived gurus. There will also be a yearning and hunger for the more pure and beautiful in life and this is a wonderful transit for artists as it really does bring inspiration from the very depths of one’s natural soul. For those who are not creatively inclined, there may be a discovery that actually the creative font does need honoring. One needs rest, and to be aware that one’s body is more sensitive and vulnerable to toxins, even alcohol and pharmacological drugs can be more potent to you than usual.

Pluto by contrast is a very happy and powerfully regenerative influence on all those born August 31st to September 2nd. He is really bringing out the courage, determination, belief and sense of destiny in you, particularly connected to romantic and offspring’s issues, and also particularly creative courage. There is a renewed belief in yourself, your powers and that which you produce and what you believe in which carries much weight. There is also an ability to sustain yourself and to deal with anything in a way that allows you to be victorious. Self-reinvention, self-advancement, self-belief and confidence are the keys to this Pluto transit. . . always however if it is with good motive for the greater good.


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