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TAURUS April 21st-May 20th
Jupiter is leaving your sign on the 11th from where he has graced your energies for the last year. Before the 11th those most benefiting from his final fling in your sign, will be those born after May 17th. He will be bringing a spot of real enjoyment, luck, possibly travel and maybe some financial generosity from others. At the very least, he brings a confidence and charisma to your being and he is also, if times are difficult, extremely protective. When Jupiter is sitting on ones’ Sun, even if things that are happening don’t feel quite comfortable, have faith that they are ultimately in your best interests. From the 11th when Jupiter moves into Gemini there is a feeling that, although he will be rather a dumb note from that sign, at the very least he will be protective of your financial circumstances and security issues, if not actually bringing a bonus to those areas. Since this is Gemini’s month, much focus will indeed be on one of your favorite subjects, which is money and security, and communications connected with those areas before the 7th are powerful.

Venus also in your solar 2nd house all month suggests that you can benefit financially through your charms and your esthetic skills, and from the 27th there is definitely a feeling that the resulting manifestations of hard work are beginning to be in the air. Some may be feeling that their attitude towards money has been shifting: “those who have no desire to possess have no fear of loss.”

Between the 7th and 26th you will all benefit from an intellectual boost and your communications get heard loud and clear and to good effect.

Mars in Virgo currently is harmonious to your sign by energy and those born between May 4th and 20th are benefiting by Mars adding energy, drive, dynamism and ambition to your spirit. He is also bringing great creative energy and you will be no shrinking violet when it comes to romantic pursuits. Spiritual, psychological and physical strength is also underlined.

Saturn continuing in Libra is merely emphasizing the fact that the work ethic needs to be strong and that even though work may feel routine or boring, or demanding much discipline, it really is a strong focus of structure in your life and brings slow, but sure results.

Meanwhile, with Uranus in your solar 12th house still, there is a kind of restlessness and a feeling that you want to make changes in life, which seem somehow elusive. Stop resisting life and go with the flow. Much of the stress you are experiencing is coming from your own inner impatience.

Neptune, now established in Pisces, is a harmonizing energy now for those born April 21st to 25th and will remain as such until February 2014. This once every 80 odd year transit is bringing increased sensitivity to your intelligence. Emotional intelligence in fact is growing. Empathy, compassion and creative skills abound. This is a time to access any creative talents that you have left behind, such as music or photography. Latent creative talents are definitely rising again to be harnessed. It is also a time when you will be meeting with kindred spirits and friendships can be especially precious now. Being near the sea is also a source of food and comfort and relaxation. A general softening of response to life is in the air and also you have a stronger ability to feel all the pain out there, which can be a mixed blessing, but generally this makes for a more empathetic persona.

Pluto is now really empowering of the energies of those born around April 28th to 30th. He is emboldening, regenerating and transforming this group of Taureans and giving a sense of having to grasp the mantle of your destiny. Issues to do with overseas connections and travel, or possibly to do with higher education and academic pursuits, are given a great boost, and somehow can create an opening that can be life-changing for the better. Belief in self and self-reinvention and potency are all part of this Pluto transit, which is around until the end of 2013, so anticipate, relish and use wisely.


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