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SCORPIO October 24th-November 22nd
Jupiter has been in Taurus for the last year, which has been a positive if self-indulgent input for your sign, being its opposite. He finally leaves Taurus for Gemini on the 11th and therefore all those born after November 19th should use the period before the 11th to best advantage. for Jupiter will be leaving his parting gift to this group which can be very good around relationships, new people coming in, confidence to move on from bad relationships, the improvement and flourishing of current ones and very much feeling a bonus from people who are there for your advantage in life, often as a reciprocal, karmic result of good input from yourself. Travel is on the cards as indeed is travel and over-expansion, and just having a very self-indulgent period. From Gemini, after the 11th, Jupiter will be rather a dumb note for your sign unless there are planets in Sagittarius, which is quite common with Scorpios. Basically, from Gemini, Jupiter in rather a quiet way favors joint financial issues and also an increase in intensity and depth in relationships and a great joy from very close spiritual connection with others. One can also be the recipient of others’ generosity.

This being Gemini’s month in general, however, points to it being a month when complex finances can be very beneficial and when one can work well with others to help one’s financial situation flourish, particularly through good communication. It is also a time when relationships can be enhanced through increased sensitivity to each other by improving lines of communication related to deep and intimate issues.

From the 7th Mercury moving into your 9th house points to this being a very pleasant opening for happy vacations and travel and also is an excellent time for the enjoyment and the triumph of academic pursuits, and with Venus in your solar 8th house all month, it suggest that great satisfaction from one’s love life can be enjoyed, particularly after the 27th when you get out of a situation what you have put in over the last six weeks. It is also a very good period with Venus in the 8th house of reaping the rewards of wise financial maneuvers.

Mars your sub-ruler in Virgo is also well disposed towards those born after November 6th. For this group your leadership skills are much respected and your ability to take the lead in the organizing of social events is underlined and your ability to be very much a mover and shaker to help your friends is also a gift. Your intelligent energy and action brings positive results.

Saturn, still in Libra, maintains his tendency to create a situation where some of you are too proud to ask for help with issues and problems, which can loom in your mind and become much greater in your belief, than they really are. It is a time when you can be your own worst critic and worst enemy, and some of you are hanging on to your hat a little as your working life seems to be a little less than easy to predict.

Very positively, Neptune, now in compatible to you Pisces, is for the next 18 months, smiling very benignly on the energies of those born October 25th to 28th. This small group of Scorpios are being blessed now with the energy of the redeemer Neptune. Neptune inspires, brings idealism and heightened empathy, compassion, sympathy and creative understanding. Since he is in your solar 5th house, he is also going to make your yearn for an ideal love life, a fairy tale calls. It also gives the ability to have a really deep connection on a soulful level with others, and the ability to be sacrificial for the sake of the greater spiritual love rather than a selfish one, is enhancing of all your relationships. Indeed connections with children can become very precious and special because of real affinity. But above all Neptune in this position truly brings the most inspiring energy for the artist, photographer or musician and the sea can be a great source of joy, or spending time by water. For this small group of Scorpios this next 18 months is quite simply one of the most naturally inspiring times you will experience in your life, so exploit and enjoy.

Finally Pluto, your ruling planet, is also extremely powerfully well disposed towards those born October 31st to November 2nd. For this small group of Scorpios it is worth pointing out that this once in a lifetime energy from your ruling planet really does bring the potential to show your absolute best qualities of Scorpionic regeneration and transformational skills. In terms of your intellectual incisiveness and ability to cut to the chase, this is second to none. In terms of your ability to speak and write with great profundity that really moves a lot of people, this also is second to none. Your intelligence, insights and instincts are like x-ray beams now and the power of mind-over-matter should not be underestimated. In fact you can remake your life through the power of positive thinking. This influence is with you on and off until late 2013, so recognize, embrace and use wisely and humbly. Remember when power is yours to use, there is only rule that should apply; use it with humility and for the greater good.


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