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SAGITTARIUS November 22nd-December 21st
Jupiter’s move into Gemini on the 11th, being the opposite sign to your own, is clearly a boost for your sign. Jupiter by opposition encourages overexpansion, overconfidence and indulgence that it is true, but it also with wisdom and discipline can bring real opportunities for growth. Because Gemini represents, as your opposite sign, your relationship area, it would imply these issues particularly get a boost. New people who are very positive, progressive influences can come into the life and partners can indeed thrive in a way that the fall-out is very good for oneself. It can also give the confidence to move away from relationships that are in some way negative. Jupiter by opposition encourages one to enhance the boundaries and push them out for greater scope, and therefore it often encourages travel and overseas connections, which is not something that Sagittarians need much encouragement to enjoy or experience. Those first to reap the benefits of Jupiter’s presence in Gemini after the 11th will be very early Sagittarians born up to November 27th. Opportunities certainly come your way and the people in your orbit will definitely be positive inputs, but just beware, because Sagittarians are prone to these things, of over-confidence, over-expansion and over-reaching. Keep grounded but enjoy the potential.

Because this is Gemini’s month anyway, relationships are very high profile for your sign and indeed communications with others before the 7th can be very enhancing of your life, notably if born after December 7th.

After the 26th when Mercury moves into Leo, again all born up to November 27th can really take advantage of excellent travel opportunities. It would therefore seem for those early Sagittarians that this month could be particularly positive for expansion of horizons, either geographically or indeed, intellectually, notably after the 26th.

Venus, the planet of love, also in your opposite sign of Gemini and particularly underlines the possibility of romantic progress, advancement and opportunity. It also underlines your ability to charm your way in relationships and the public are very reciprocally beneficial towards you. This is most obvious in the lives of those born November 28th to December 11th. Indeed after the 27th when Venus moves direct there will be a sense of having greater clarity in relationships because of recent review. For this same group it is also true to say that one’s creative offerings fall pleasingly on the eyes of others.

However, Mars still in Virgo is in uncomfortable, rather abrasive relationship to your own sign. Those most feeling this are born after December 5th. The issue that is uncomfortable may emanate from one’s career sector, and certainly authority figures seem rather obstructive or irritated. It is important to remember when Mars is square to your Sun that impatience is an enemy and wasting time on arguing and bickering is warned against. Being too highly critical of others and indeed self can be part of the picture. For the female of the species, men may be a source of irritation and criticism, particularly those in authority.

Saturn however is steadying the tiller for those born December 14th to 17th. He is bringing a sense of responsibility, obligation and duty to those that one cares about, particularly for friends and for projects that one is passionate about. One can be very mature when Saturn is so posited, and indeed one has to be.

Uranus is an exciting influence now for those born November 29th to December 2nd and will be so influencing you for the best part of the coming year. Uranus brings a real belief in one’s own uniqueness and individuality and the confidence to stride out in one’s unique skin. It brings the desire to take a leap into the future and to look above the parapet and to become indeed less risk averse as one is passionate about one’s purpose in life. It brings the ability to be incredibly innovative and daring with a genius streak that comes from powerful intuition and this will be particularly obvious in one’s creative functions. The key elements of this are uniqueness, the future and indeed quite a maverick attitude. Just as you feel awakened and enlightened, so you will wish to awaken and enlighten others. Surprises and the unexpected can be very much connected to one’s creative abilities, romantic issues and also connected to offspring, all in a very positive and inspiring way. It is important to remember that the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto when at work in one’s chart do bring changes that are actually fundamental to your evolution and happen to you, as opposed to being in ones planned script, but they do not happen often and one has to embrace them with humility and openness to their gifts.

Just as Uranus will only trine the above group’s Suns once every 42 years, so Neptune will only square the Suns of those born November 24th to 27th once every 80 odd years and this is happening now for this group. This is not an “in your face” transit, but it is rather subtly disorientating. Neptune’s purpose is to redeem and he does this by dissolving old assumptions, issues and facts that are no longer purposeful in your life. If one is a bit of a control freak, or dislikes the idea of needing to review and have change, this can be quite difficult. If one accepts the evolution, a rather circuitous one that Neptune brings, even if it does feel a little bit blind along the way, then this will ultimately bring great rewards. The danger is a potential for illusion or delusion. It is a good idea to make no radical changes but to live for the day and to understand the need for watchfulness. This is an excellent time for the arts to become your friend, and for artists this is a time of real soulful inspiration. The need to move on from certain situations and certain people is all part of the soul’s growth.

The lunar eclipse falls in your sign on the 4th, most directly impacting those born around December 4th to 6th. This will be a time bringing one face-to-face with some important messages and truths that have been brewing for some time. The new Moon in your opposite sign on the 19th will directly impact those born December 19th to 21st. This may bring an opportunity for a significant renaissance, especially vis-à-vis relationships.


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