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PISCES February 19th-March 20th
Jupiter has been rather a benevolent influence in your sign over the past year, but he moves into Gemini on the 11th. Before that date, Jupiter from Taurus will bring some final blessings to those born after March 17th. He will be shining his benevolent rays on the area to do with friendship and goals that are close to your heart. He will bring benefits that come from your own wisdom. They will not just fall into your lap; they will need to be mined, as opportunities arrive. Certainly expansion is on the cards and that can be in the form of pleasant travel, but it can also bring leadership skills and new friends who come into your orbit who are a bonus. As Jupiter is your sub-ruler, this is quite a powerful transit and can bring an enhancement of status. However after the 11th when Jupiter moves for his once every 12 year visit to Gemini, his influence is more indirect and can bring a tendency towards a little extravagance and over-confidence. From Gemini he will be in your solar 4th house, which is connected to home, real estate and family, and suggests that you may well be very indulgent in that area and enjoying it, and there could be family celebrations. There can also be family expansion or expanded real estate issues, but it can also point to overreaching and overindulgence in that area, but with care and consciousness this can be an enjoyable period, provided one exercises a certain amount of caution and self-discipline. Initially so-affected are early Pisces born up to February 25th.

But this is Gemini’s month in general, which puts a huge focus anyway currently on home and domestic issues. Before the 7th, good, clear domestic and family communication is particularly important for those born after March 6th.

Between the 7th and 26th, Mercury, which is the planet which rules your relationship area, moves into Cancer and therefore in your solar 5th house. This is a very good period for writers and is also excellent for very constructive communications with children, teenagers and indeed on one’s romantic life. One is inspired creatively in terms of communication.

Venus in Gemini all month implies a great ability and desire to enhance the home esthetically and also to produce artwork from one’s domestic portals. The principle of love and domestic gratification in a family context is strong, notably after the 27th. This is particularly true for all of you born February 26th to March 10th. The only downside of this position is again the potential for some overgenerosity and overindulgence towards self, in the domestic domain, or indeed towards others.

Mars in your opposite sign of Virgo in his unusually long haul through that sign, indeed since November, is now in his circuitous path directly opposing the Suns this month of those born after March 4th. For this group there will be a feeling that there is some war drums audible from others, either in a personal or professional context. This issue may have been brewing on and off over the last few months and is now coming to some sort of denouement. Others who are challenging you may well need to be listened to and equally you need to ask yourself how much the validity of their issue with you is for real. Sometimes people live out aggression for you that you are not expressing yourself, and this is a way that forces you to stand up and be counted.

It is also continuing to be a period of time when you need to be extremely careful over financial issues. The background noise of both Uranus and Saturn is affecting your solar financial sectors. There is a possibility that there are people around you with whom you are financially involved, whose attitude towards money is very different to yours, and you need to be very aware of handling this with great caution. They in fact may either be a very good teacher and grounder for you economically, or they may be oppressive. Equally, your own attitude towards money can be very erratic currently and the unexpected is in the air, so it is a time to keep a very good handle on those issues, and being not the most material of signs, this is worth noting.

Neptune famously in your own sign now in his once every 165-year visitation there, is sitting directly in a very rare mode on the Suns of those born February 21st to 24th. He will be so posited on and off until the beginning of 2014, so be very aware that you have to get used to this energy, which can be very inspiring and mark a period of life when you really do embrace the true potential of pure Pisces spiritual and creative energy. Equally however, every planet has its downside, and it could be a time when you have to be very aware of escapism, illusion, delusion, self-deception and over-idealism. For the musicians and photographers amongst you, this could not be a better transit and for those who have connections with the sea, it is also extremely relevant. It is also a challenge to have your ideals without losing your grounding. It is also a challenge to use your sensitivity constructively and proactively for the planet, rather than becoming a victim of these sensitivities, so that you wish to retreat. See people and things clearly, talk to very earthy people to get perspective, but do not downgrade the value of your psychic and intuitive insights, as you are able now to merge with some rather universal forces that not everybody can understand. You will also need some privacy and alone-time, as you are very much lacking in the protection of certain boundaries as all floods in to your unconscious.

Pluto is acting as a very great psychological strengthening for those born February 26th to 28. Pluto in his rare sextile association with the Suns of this small group of Pisces is bringing a real opportunity to use intelligence with spiritual belief in your purpose in life. He is bringing true leadership skills and the ability to use the powers of others who can enhance your life and your goals, notably if it is something you are passionate about, believe in and which is not just about ego indulgence. This transit has been with you, on and off from the beginning of this year and is around until very late 2013. Intellect and insight of a very profound nature can combine with your spiritual understanding and with your sense of purpose now, and the ability to reinvent and believe in yourself is a rare gift to be used responsibly and consciously. The source of power that you feel can come from metaphysical understanding and it can also come from higher study, and indeed the power you feel within can emanate from other cultures and their influence. You will not be able to waste this transit as it is too powerful to not notice or use, but what matters is that you use it consciously and wisely.


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