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LIBRA September 22nd-October 23rd
There is a reason to be rather pleased that Jupiter is moving into Gemini on the 11th, as this suggests that for a year your sign is supported by the compatibility of Jupiter moving through your solar 9th house of Gemini. Those most favored by this position this month are early Libras born September 24th to 29th. For this group there is very definitely the potential for travel, or at least overseas or long-distance contacts that are extremely beneficial and inspiring. For some of you too, it points to very positive issues connected to higher learning and academic work and your ability to exploit wisdom will be enhanced. This Jupiter transit brings visionary growth and understanding and gives a breadth of mind and the desire to push out the boundaries of understanding. It also can provide some real luck and protection.

Being Gemini’s month in general, this is a particularly good period for a vacation for all of you and travel for learning is also part of the picture.

Before the 7th all born after October 8th are likely to combine travel with increased wisdom and happy communication with others, and Venus your ruling planet in Gemini all month certainly points to all of you feeling that long-distance issues and pleasure, happiness and even romance can all meld very happily. This is notably true if born September 26th to October 12th and certainly after the 27th, many of you will have a great sense of relaxation and more confidence in yourself as a result of having spent some six weeks in some sort of review.

Mars remains in your solar 12th house, suggesting that it is very important not to sit on any resentment and there is much psychological energy going on and a feeling sometimes of some isolation. Work done behind-the-scenes can be very constructive and beneficial.

After the 26th when Mercury moves into Leo, all early Librans born up to September 28th may find themselves in demand socially, and certainly with a very healthy and happy input intellectually from others.

Saturn of course is coursing through your sign and he is currently directly on the case of those born October 14th to 17th. He was in this same place last November and now he is revisiting to ensure some lessons are learned. At the very least, Saturn will make one tired and force one to deal with some realities of life, not least that one needs to be aware of the body and its vulnerabilities. It is a time not to push oneself physically. Saturn also is a time that demands discipline, courage, determination and practical, logistical attention. He brings a period that demands maturity and forces one to do what is necessary for the betterment of your future, even if it feels a little scary or demanding. Saturn is indeed a benevolent despot.

Uranus is opposing your sign and is most directly challenging the energies now of those born October 1st to 3rd. For this group it is other people who are bringing change, disruption, unpredictability and some surprise that is very left field, into one’s life. Relationships with others are far from calm. They can be very exciting and adrenalizing, but one thing is certain, they are not on an even keel. A partner’s desire for more freedom and a tendency to show erratic behavior is usually an indication that some dynamic needs to change or shift and may well be a pointer to the fact that you need to make some changes in your life. If single, anyone new who comes into your life may not be reliable or predictable, but they may be serving a valuable purpose in some way by lighting a fire or being a way-shower in some capacity. See people as interesting ships in the night rather than permanent players in your life, when Uranus is in such a position. Your own restlessness and low boredom threshold may create a situation where you are drawn to people who are unique, quirky and maybe unconventional, because they are representing a side of you that needs to get some airing. This transit is with you until May next year, so keep flexible and expect change, particularly vis-à-vis others.

Pluto is also squaring up to the energies of those born September 30th to October 2nd and again this same group of people will be under the influence of Pluto and Uranus simultaneously, and this points to a growing volcanic sense of needing to be assertive and independent and to grab one’s own power, particularly domestically. There will possibly also be a sense of eruptive energies that have been building for many years vis-à-vis family dynamics. When Pluto is around it is important to remember that his roots go very deep, not only in your own past, but in terms of family karma. Buttons are being pressed now and you may possibly be responding to people and situations in a fashion that is indicative of your own desire for control and self-protection, and a fear of your lack of power. Primeval responses are in the air, both from you and others, and you are both pressing each other’s buttons that represent baggage that can go years back. Change and endings are in the ether and there is a fated sense of destiny about this period. Events and behavior that occur during this time will be remembered deeply by self and others, so do be conscious and aware, and don’t let the primeval in you get the better of you. There is a flight or fight chemical rush going on and for some of you, sitting and talking long and deep about these feelings can be very helpful, particularly if one is totally honest and truthful, but remember the principle of Pluto is ultimately the healer and the principle of Uranus is ultimately the enlightener, but we don’t get something for nothing.


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