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LEO July 22nd-August 22nd
Jupiter’s move from Taurus into Gemini is good news for Leo, being in a harmonious angle to your sign. From Taurus he has for the last year brought a little bit of a boost to career, but there has been a danger of overconfidence or a bit of complacency. However, from Gemini he will be bringing for all of you at some point during the next year, a greater increase in your social life, a bonus in your friendships, and an ability to have leadership skills. He will also be bringing an element of greater luck created by your own intelligence and efforts, and a sense of well-being. Romantic opportunities can also abound. Jupiter also brings extra confidence and belief in one’s artistic skills, which can become more fertile. Initially those benefitting this month are born July 22nd to 28th. As always with Jupiter of course, broader horizons literally or metaphorically call.

This being Gemini’s month anyway, suggests an upsurge in social life and a greater appreciation of and input from friends.

Between the 7th and 26th many of you may also be finding that some of your communications that are rather privately undertaken serve you well. After the 26th, when Mercury moves into your own sign, all early Leos born from the 23rd to 28th have then the blessing of real intellectual acuity. Combined with Jupiter, this would suggest that the last week of the month could be a very positive one for these early Leos.

Venus in Gemini all month is suggestive for all Leos that there is a great ability to show genuine affection and caring for others, and it will be mutually reciprocated. After the 27th the rewards of increased sensitivity, compassion, empathy and benevolence to others can become evident, not that Leos should look for rewards -- it should be intrinsically rewarding for its own sake to give.

Mars still in Virgo points to the ongoing need for you all to put effort into rationalizing and securing your financial circumstances. Indeed for many of you there will be quite a bullish attitude towards this.

Yet again, Saturn is in a very constructive mood for all born August 14th to 17th, as indeed he was last November. This is a period of time when your ability to make judgments about situations and people are very grounded, not filtered through ego and are very measured, constructive and disciplined. Saturn is giving you the ability to have follow-through, and to do what you know is necessary. He is grounding intelligence and above all giving you a sense of realism and working for deferred gratification, rather than that of the instant sort.

Uranus is also a very happy influence now for all born July 29th to August 1st. For this group Uranus in his once every 42 year favorable angle (trine 120º) there will be a new lease of exciting optimism and belief in self. It can bring sudden trips and news from overseas that is beneficial, and offer openings and innovation in life. This transit brings out the maverick in you, your quirky side, and is allowing you to believe in that side and be less risk-averse. He is encouraging the innovative and is definitely giving you the belief in your unique individuality, something that Leo very much values anyway. He is allowing you to look above the parapet and see outside the box. He is also bringing extremely exciting opportunities potentially in relationships, notably if they have links with overseas or academic issues, and wisdom gained from others now can be really eye opening and potentially life-changing, or at least enhancing. An ability to look at things from a new dimension is yours, and the study of the new, obscure and occult sources can be part of the picture. Above all, Uranus helps you believe in yourself and a new and more exciting future.


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