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GEMINI May 21st-June 20th
Ok, so Jupiter is moving into your sign for a year on the 11th, which is cause for a smile. We all get our turn of Jupiter every 12 years and currently those Geminis in receipt of his energies are born May 21st to 27th. This transit of Jupiter can bring many bonuses. It can bring relationship bonuses, new people coming into one’s life who are beneficial, people from other countries who can bring very advantageous and pleasurable travel, and above all he can bring a real boost to personal confidence, and possibly a real stroke of luck. Good karma is in the air and at the very least the cavalry will arrive to protect and support you in some way. It certainly can at the least bring a feel good factor.

Since this is your birthday period, much is on your side, not least the fact that before the 7th, your ruling planet Mercury is enhancing your well-known intellectual skills, notably before the 7th for those born after June 6th. The only warning: do allow other people to get a word in edgeways.

Venus, the planet of love, is also in your sign all month, bringing particular benefits to those born May 28th to June 10th. For this group, there is a possibility of love being in the air and certainly your charismatic charms are drawing people to you. The desire for peace and harmony will be magnetic and creatively this is an excellent period of artistic fecundity and confidence, particularly excellent for writers as well. After the 27th, when Venus moves forward, there will be a sense of more confidence in self and a renewed belief in the track you are on.

Mars is less kindly disposed to Geminis from Virgo than he could be, and this month all born June 4th to 20th are feeling the rather irritating vibes that Mars can create from such an angle. The source of this irritation may well be domestic or family. Impatience is in the air as is volatility and intolerance, both from you to others and from others to you. Don’t waste energy on arguing. Intolerant irritability can be controlled.

After the 26th when your ruler Mercury moves into Leo, for all born up to May 27th there is an extra intelligent harmony in how you interact with others and people will listen. This is an excellent time for teachers and lecturers.

Meanwhile Saturn, still marching slowly marching through compatible to you Libra, is very much being a positive, grounding influence for all those born June 12th to 15th as he was indeed last November. Being very measured, serious, grown-up and disciplined is part of Saturn’s gift now. Work may be hard but can be productive and gives a sense of satisfaction. Creativity is enhanced by the ability to apply perspiration to inspiration for success, and very great maturity of approach to people, particularly in a romantic context, will be necessary and productive. This also is true when dealing with offspring. Serious issues can be approached with great, measured maturity now.

Uranus is in a very enhancing angle to all those born May 29th to June 1st. He is bringing a stimulus for intelligent insight and intuition, which allows you to see potential divergent or lateral ways of moving forward to your advantage. There is a definite need for a move in a different direction, or at least an expansion of your goals, and now is the time to have the confidence and belief in yourself and particularly in your own individuality to move where you are inspired to go, and friends, contacts and networking can be very much the stimulus and way-shower for this. Your individuality now needs to be honored and respected and you will have no problem being in your own unique skin. Experimentation and innovation may be very much part of the picture and you will need people around you who reflect your own feelings and more maverick instincts now; people who are courageous enough to believe in the new and the future.

By contrast, Neptune is continuing to square the Suns of those born May 23rd to 26th. This influence is with you on and off until February 2014, so you need to get used to it. Neptune squares are quite disorientating, particularly when a sign such as yours is intellectually and rationally motivated. Neptune breaks down the pure motivation of just the mind, and forces upon you a new emotional and spiritual dimension. This is no bad thing as it makes for a more balanced assessment of life. However, he will also confuse and cause some smoke and mirrors about your direction in life, particularly career-wise. There is a feeling that there is a little bit of an erosion or meltdown of your goals or your values, or indeed of your professional security. There is now growing a hunger to do what you really feel you ought to do or want to do, rather than what you feel is pragmatic. Just the logic alone is no longer adequate. Your sensitivity is increasing, your inability to screen people and other influences out is also quite undermining at times. Tiredness may be part of the picture and sensitivity to toxins needs to be part of your awareness. Basically what is happening is that the old is dissolving and the new needs to be slowly born, rather like an insect in a chrysalis waiting to come to maturity a new manifestation. You cannot push this river. It is indeed a slow evolution. Be patient and allow happening a certain necessary dissolving of the old and indeed of some of the assumptions that you always thought were set in stone, rather than fight them. This is rather a blind journey and for those who want control, it can be slightly discomfiting. Go with the flow, live for the day, allow yourself to feel and let music, the sea, photography and film be your allies.

The lunar eclipse falls on the 14th degree of Sagittarius on the 4th and directly affects those born between June 3rd and 5th. For this group there is a definite sense of a closing chapter, and the force of the unconscious in self or others, should not be underestimated. The new Moon falls in your sign on the 19th, most directly impacting those born June 19th to 21st. For this small group of Geminis around the 19th could be a period when there is a definitive upswing and the feeling of the birth of the new and the positive.


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