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CANCER June 21st-July 21st
Jupiter’s move away from Taurus and into Gemini on the 11th isn’t a greatly significant shift for your sign, unless you have natal planets in Gemini (which Cancerians often do). However it does signify that Jupiter will be enhancing your solar 12th house, which acts as a very quiet, guardian angel in a behind-the-scenes way, by manifestation. When Jupiter is in the solar 12th house, he tends to bring reversals out of difficulties and one can make friends out of enemies. It also gives a quiet, psychological protection.

However, in the meantime, before the 11th, very late Cancerians born after July 19th have Jupiter from Taurus in his final days there, enhancing your life. He is stimulating social life, friendships, luck and bringing an intelligence to bear that allows you to make the best out of potentials that arrive in your life. He can also correlate with travel, particularly successfully in a social context. He is also the benign towards one’s health.

But this is Gemini’s month in general which means it is a period when many Cancerians feel in a rather retreatist mood and there is a desire to work with others to help them in a rather behind-the-scenes capacity. It is a time for reconsideration of issues, for being contented with one’s own company, and indeed sometimes feeling a little bit alienated from the world. It is also a time when people and situations from the past can crop up for reconsideration.

However, from the 7th Mercury moves into your own sign and stays there until the 26th, which means that all of you at some point between those dates will have the advantage of enhanced intellect and communication skills, and when you will definitely want to take the floor with your ideas. It is a very good time for people for whom communication is their lifeblood. After the 26th, when Mercury moves into Leo, much mental preoccupation may well be geared towards improving finances.

Because Venus is also in Gemini all month, there is a feeling that for many of you romance may have a behind-the-scenes feel to it, a rather clandestine sense. It also means that much empathy and compassion is provoked. After the 27th when Venus has moved direct, there is also a feeling that much that has felt a little frustrating or on hold, particularly to do with creativity or love life, can now move forward. Also after the 27th, rewards for good work done for others start to manifest.

Mars in Virgo is a very constructive angular relationship to your sign and currently all born July 4th to 21st are benefitting from the energizing spirit of Mars, the god of war. When he is positively positioned, the god of war becomes the god of assertion in a very constructive and energizing way, psychologically, spiritually and physically, and from your solar 3rd house (where he is from Virgo) there is a lot of mental energy and courage created, as is the ability to communicate your ideas very successfully. It is very good for teachers and journalists. It also gives intelligent use of energy, drive and ambition.

Saturn however from Libra continues to be a challenging energy for your sign and this month he is on the case of those born July 14th to 17th. He was in this same position last November and is now challenging you again to face up to certain facts. For this group of Cancers there is definitely a feeling of some oppressive circumstances that are creating a challenge, possibly from the domestic or family front. There is some weariness in the air and definitely a feeling of one step forward, two steps back. Saturn basically presents you with a set of circumstances that need to be addressed, as he is the principle of necessity. Very often these things that need to be addressed are very practical and logistical, demanding discipline, hard work, application and patience. Also an element of duty can be in the air, particularly if somebody is needy of your support and help. Always remember with Saturn that he does test our body and reminds us that we are not getting any younger. It is therefore important to honor and look after it. He is the god of time. If we address Saturn’s demands, we always get a positive result later.

Uranus is also less than well disposed towards your sign, and indeed along with Pluto, both planets are targeting those born June 28th to July 1st now. Quite simply, this combination, from Uranus’ point of view, suggests a period of unexpected change and eruptions of energy from within yourself that make you feel very ill-at-ease or at the least, yearning for the new and the different. A need for freedom and to get away from the old and outworn is indicated. There may also be disruptions going on at work that make you feel insecure, but it is important to have faith that the inevitability of change in the air is ultimately for your own liberation. Try to be flexible and understand that there is a natural journey under way, even if it does have an element of surprise. Alongside this, with Pluto opposing your Suns, there is also the potential for some overt or covert power truggles with other people. It is very important to be very, very aware of the need to make sure that you do not fall victim to people’s coercive or abusive behavior, no matter how subtle. With Uranus around the need to escape and to be free of such oppression will be part of the picture. Avoid primal impulses and be very conscious and think twice before responding to people or before jumping into new situations. This is quite a momentous period in your life that will be with you on and off for about 18 months to two years, but remember that Pluto is ultimately the healer and Uranus is ultimately the awakener, and even though you have to go through some challenges to get there, it is all in a good cause. Spiritual maturity and evolution can definitely be the outcome.

Meanwhile, very positively, Neptune is benignly placed for those born Jupiter 23rd to 26th. For this group for the coming 18 months, there is a definite increase in spiritual awareness, empathy, sensitivity and the need to protect yourself to some extent, as you will be easily emotionally overwhelmed. This is a very pleasant confrontation with a very refined aesthetic and spiritual energy that permeates your life, hence the artist is truly blessed by this rare influence (once in a lifetime). It brings gentleness, a kindness and sensitivity to the subtle beauties around. Music and the sea become much more important, and for those of you who are not engaged in the arts, it is a time to experiment with talents in that area to give balance to your being, as your visual sense becomes very refined.


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