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ARIES March 21st-April 20th
The news that Jupiter moves into Gemini on the 11th is upbeat for Aries as Gemini is in a compatible angle to your own sign. Those initially gaining from the great benefic Jupiter’s gifts will be early Aries born March 21st to 26th. Jupiter will have moved into your solar 3rd house, which rules Gemini and which for many Aries bring an extra confidence, particularly to one’s intellectual abilities. Academic pursuits and wisdom flourish. It is excellent for writers, critics and journalists. It also brings great communication skills, with intelligence and luck combining to create opportunities. It is also very beneficial for dealings with brothers and sisters and working in the local community successfully. The rest of you Aries will have to wait for your turn some time before late June 2013 for Jupiter to complement your Sun.

This is Gemini’s month anyway, so much to do with communications and acceleration of the mind is all part of this month’s recipe for success, and indeed before the 7th for all born up to April 5th extra verbal and mental dexterity is yours.

Venus is in Gemini all month, harmonizing with the Suns of those born March 27th to April 10th. This adds heart to brain and gives particular charm to communications and also is excellent for writers. After the 27th when Venus moves direct, much groundwork and mental reflection that has been put in over the last six weeks starts to bear fruit.

Mars in Virgo still, (and Mars remember is your ruler) is still emphasizing the need for forthright determination, enthusiasm, ambition and constructive action in your working environment. Rationalizing your office or studio or indeed being conscientious about a health routine is all part of the Mars message now.

Before Jupiter moves into compatible to you Gemini on the 11th, he is spending these first few days of the month in the last degrees of Taurus and is therefore maintaining for this short period his sense of protection or even bringing some luck connected to your financial situation.

Saturn in your opposite sign of Libra is now hovering yet again opposite the Suns of those born April 11th to 14th as indeed he was so-doing late October and November of last year. He is now back to finish the specific lesson he is bringing to your door. Problems connected to relationships, demands, obligations, duties or even oppressions, are all part of this journey. Restrictions and limitations are there to teach you something. All that is necessary is that you really learn with humility and honesty what this lesson is and act with integrity and dignity to do what is absolutely necessary. Patience, hard work, application and self-discipline is definitely part of the practical application. It is also a time to remember to honor the body.

Mercury moves into friendly to your sign Leo on the 26th and from that date for all born March 21st to 27th there will definitely be an upswing in creative fecundity and also the ability to enhance your romantic life through the power of good and considerate communications. With Jupiter also on this same group’s case, the last six days of the month can be very productive, especially creatively.

Uranus is now agitating the energies of those born March 28th to 31st. This once every 84 year energy is around until the beginning of 2014, so you need to understand and get used to his purpose. Uranus is there to shake you out of any rut or complacency. He is there to kick-start you into a better and more awakened, indeed a more enlightened future. Sometimes Uranus will make changes that are uncomfortable and sometimes he makes ones that are very welcome, but one thing is certain; change is inevitable, and this change will come from deep in the core of your being like a volcano. There is this likely to be great impatience and restlessness as your soul or your psyche knows it needs to take a leap into the future. You are likely to become more altruistic, humanitarian, rebellious or maverick and less risk averse. The seeking of adrenaline is in the air. The only danger with this transit is that you do need to make sure that you don’t burn bridges and don’t leap into anything just because it is new and different. Change will happen; it is just a question of having the wisdom to know which is the correct direction for change. It is a time to accept that there will be experimentation and some false roads may be taken, so hang loose, roll with the punches and be flexible. See this next 18 months or so as a circuitous journey, rather than a definitive arrival. By definition, an astrologer cannot predict Uranus, except to say “expect the unexpected,” which is ultimately for your own growth.

Finally Pluto is squaring the Suns of those born around March 29th, so this group is having a double-whammy of outer planet activity, with Uranus conjuncting and Pluto squaring your Sun. When the outer planets are at work, there is a sense of destiny in the air and forces are happening to you that are not necessarily in your script and you need to accommodate them wisely. When Pluto is squaring the Sun, this brings a feeling of an end of a chapter. It is a time when you realize that you need to empower yourself in order to take on a newer destiny. It is a time when you have to accept endings in life because they are inevitable and necessary for your independence and growth. It is also a time to honor the responsibility of power and not abuse it. Residual issues that have not been fully acknowledged from your past may start to erupt and a conglomeration of energies are very much bubbling volcanically under the surface, and the time has come to face up to these issues that have been buried, so that you can face them and empower yourself through looking honestly at the darker, deeper side of self and indeed others, and understanding the message -- through the dark, into the light. Issues around career especially may be forcing this particular realization and necessary transformation. Power struggles within yourself and indeed with others may be symptomatic of the message that you are giving yourself now about the need for a new chapter. So combined with the need for change from Uranus and the power of Pluto for evolution, this is a very important period in your life.


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