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AQUARIUS January 20th-February 18th
Before the 11th, Jupiter is in the last degrees of Taurus, directly squaring the energies now of those born after February 16th. For this short period before the 11th, therefore, that group of Aquarians need to be aware that they are under the influence of a rather extravagant Jupiter, particularly on the domestic and home front. Good times can be had, but over-reaching can be part of the picture. Enjoy, but with caution. However after the 11th, Jupiter moves into compatible to your sign Gemini in his once every 12 year visitation to that sign. Because he is a sign compatible with you, this has to be good news for Aquarians and initially this month, those benefiting after the 11th are born up to January 26th, i.e. early Aquarians. This shift of Jupiter to Gemini is going to bring initially to this group and eventually will affect you all at some point, a great boost to your creative drive, enthusiasm and success. Jupiter from Gemini will be in your solar 6th house, which is connected to creativity, extroversion, a sociable spirit and romance, and also all creative fecundity, including issues to do with physical offspring as well as creative ones. It brings a spring to your step, the party spirit is tweaked and there is a definite feeling of confidence and belief in one’s ability to enjoy life to the full and to be a believer in one’s creative input. As always with Jupiter, travel is a possibility that is underlined and a sense of luck and confidence creates its own benefits, remembering that luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.

But this is Gemini’s month in general which points to it being a particularly creative and happy, extrovert period when romantic and artistic issues can flourish and thrive, and indeed when relationships with offspring can be much enhanced. Writers are particularly favored before the 7th if born after February 5th, After the 26th when Mercury moves into Leo, that same lucky Jupiter-blessed group this month, i.e. born up to January 26th, are likely to find bonuses in relationships as a result of excellent communication and negotiation skills, and that will involve professional and private relationships. Indeed the people around you will bring wisdom and interest into your life. So after the 26th is a particularly productive period for this small group of early Aquarians.

Venus in Gemini all month can only underline and enhance romantic urges and creative skills and confidence, particularly notable after the 27th when progress really is evident. Most specifically targeted by Venus will be those born January 27th to February 9th. Certainly for this group romance will be a motivator.

Mars from Virgo for the last few months has put focus for many of you on the need to apply energy to rationalizing complex financial issues, or indeed dealing with complex relationship issues.

Saturn is a very measured and productive influence now for those born February 11th to 14th. He is bringing a great deal of academic discipline to bear and travel may well have a dutiful or obligational feel connected to it, but in a constructive way. Maturity is on your side, and indeed, as last November, this is a time of doing what one has to, in a very grown-up way, with, yes, duty and obligation being strong, but with the knowledge that one will receive deferred gratification for one’s actions, discipline and patience.

Uranus is very positively at work now in the lives of those born January 27th to 30th. Because he is in a sextile (60º) angle to your Sun, he is bringing particularly insightful intelligence that is born mostly out of a very accurate intuition. He is really tweaking the intellect to have eureka moments and insights that are incredibly valuable to yourself and indeed for those you exchange ideas with. Since Uranus is your ruling planet, this transit is a particularly valuable one and also rare, so enjoy its stimulation. It will bring out all the Aquarian qualities of uniqueness, idiosyncratic genius, a need for freedom and the future, and a need in some way to pursue a revolutionary course that is innovative and inspired, particularly by intelligence and insight. This is your own natural potential energy underlined and at work big time, so be comfortable in it and enjoy.


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