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Cindy Sherman
Metro Pictures
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by Jerry Saltz

Cindy Sherman’s is the face that launched a thousand theories. The best-known, most influential, least criticized, most lionized artist to emerge since Bruce Nauman, Sherman has a ruthless one-track mind whose powers of observation and parody have given us a rogue’s gallery of archetypes, imaginary beings, demented dorks, ghouls, historical characters and people she sees. Today, she’s essentially doing what she’s done since the mid-‘70s: taking photographs of herself in female drag. Sherman is the siren-sorceress femme-fatale female-impersonator artist par excellence, a shape-shifting, attention-getting gremlin on the wing of photography. Over the decades we’ve seen her in almost 500 images, nearly always alone and center stage or lurking in gaudy disheveled backgrounds, staring blankly off into space or directly out at us.