Sept. 24, 2010 
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Greek Phallus Vase (550-500 BC)
What better way to store perfume than in this cute terra-cotta penis with testicles and pretty painted pubic hair?

Papua New Guinea Headdress Effigy
(late 19th-early 20th century)
This human female figure made from bark cloth, bamboo and leaves, with arms, legs and a sensually shaped vulva, looms over you like some kind of alien being and casts a spell

Lorenzo Lotto, Venus and Cupid, ca. 1520s
A nude Venus caresses one of her breasts and squeezes a flower petal between her legs while Cupid urinates on her. You tell me what it all adds up to

Roman Cameo Cup Fragment with Lovemaking Scene
(First Half of First Century A.D.)
We don’t know if the figures on this super-sexy glass drinking cup are deities, mythological, or human, but the rear-entry scene speaks for itself

Section of a Portable Linga with Shiva and Parvati, India (7th Century)
If Jeff Koons had made this penis with a head carved on it and cast it in steel, who knows where he’d be by now

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