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Dan Colen, Overture ("Two Minutes in Silver Wells, Two Minutes Here, Two Minutes There, It Was Going to Be Over in This Bedroom in Encino), 2010, Gagosian Gallery, New York
© Dan Colen
Photo by Robert McKeever
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by Jerry Saltz

The fall art season has begun -- well after the purportedly cleansing end of the bubble -- with the Spirit of Stupidity, stalking us in the form of the well-meaning but misguided Dan Colen. A few weeks ago, the New York Times featured the artist, reporting that he caused an uproar in Berlin in 2006 by posting exhibition flyers that showed him nude with a tallis hanging from his erection. The would-be rabbi breathing life into this golem is superstar mega-dealer Larry Gagosian, who has given us stellar shows of Picasso and Manzoni, but here seems intent on burning up his credibility on a display of dominion.