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Saltz on Four Never-Before-Seen Photographs by Cindy Sherman
The Hefner-esque: Also created for New York, a foppish macho pageant-master Hefner in maroon brocade smoking jacket; lounge-lizard gigolo lowlife; shrunken-self pretty boy without sexual scent. Any heterosexual man who looks at this image should squirm a little.
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by Jerry Saltz

Cecil Beaton once said that “making oneself a work of art” was “that most difficult of all causes.” Cindy Sherman not only does that, she’s given herself up entirely to the mission. For nearly four decades, she has been braiding together fashion, photography and the strange internal magic of herself -- dressing up, putting on makeup, doing her hair, donning wigs and posing alone in her studio for the camera. She shows us fashion as costume, compulsion, camp, ritual and necessity. We see the ways fabric and cosmetics touch our bodies in public and how these performances of self make us visible, invisible, awful, sublime. Fashion helps Cindy hide in plain sight; in turn, she plays havoc with fashion. She is our greatest female impersonator.


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