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Brice Marden, Ru Ware Project, 2007-12, oil on linen, 24 x 162 in., Matthew Marks Gallery
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Brice Marden

by Jerry Saltz

In Brice Marden’s two-gallery show at Matthew Marks Gallery, we see him reflecting, slowly circling back to the beginnings of his long career. He’s reconsidering ideas, techniques, materials and surfaces, channeling his inner Mondrian, revisiting his neglected marble paintings of decades ago. He’s created grids and latticeworks of line interspersed with fields of pollenlike secondary colors that play off veins and blotches in the stone. The coolness of the marble surface crackles with the areas of fiery color. It’s great to see this artist who sometimes seems on automatic pilot experimenting, rethinking, taking chances and flying by the seat of his painterly pants. I love that almost everything about these works is left unresolved. You could almost call the show “In Praise of Slowness.”


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