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whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir,” installation shot, with “serendipity machine” at left, April 2011, Haunch of Venison London
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by Emily Nathan

People have several misconceptions about the artist and filmmaker Eve Sussman. She is not British, although she travelled extensively during her childhood, and is now based out of a studio apartment facing the East River in the heart of Hasidic Williamsburg; her art is not exclusively about Art History, although her best-known productions happen to be; and her career did not begin in 2004, when her silent, ten-minute film 89 Seconds to Alcázar was included in the Whitney Biennial. That work, made with an ad hoc band of collaborators she has dubbed the Rufus Corporation and continues to work with (Sussman rarely credits herself alone, insisting that much of what she does is synergistic) involved a team of actors and a carefully constructed set, and brought Vélazquez’s 1656 masterpiece, Las Meninas, to life.