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Zin Taylor’s A Collection of thoughts about a subject, made into forms about a subject (Cane, Ring, Bracelet, Cup, Finger) at Galeria Vidal Cuglietta in Art Statements, Art Basel 43, June 2012
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Art Basel 43

by Emily Nathan

Art Basel 43, June 14-17, 2012, in the museum-laden Swiss town beloved by those with money to spare, has a long history of luxury. Drawing well-suited dealers and collectors from all corners of the globe since 1970, it’s “just as much a meeting place as a market place,” as Art Basel co-co-director Marc Spiegler likes to put it. And while center stage is occupied by the big, expensive gestures made by big, rich artists, plenty of politically engaged, socially grounded artwork is still to be found in the city.


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