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Sally Webster
Crybaby #3
Bowman/Bloom Gallery
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by Carlo McCormick

In this expanded field of cultural production that is much more of an industry of ambitions than the intuition of esthetics we might be better off inhabiting, consensus must reward those of diligence and perseverance, practitioners who prove as prolific in their studio practice as they are in their ability to get their work out to a wider audience. Nothing wrong with that really, but by chance it does leave out some pretty damn good artists whose art is as difficult for them to conjure as it is for us to comprehend. Let us agree that what grabs our attention is usually at least pretty interesting in and of itself. But in doing so we might also confess, entre nous, that there is a world of ideas and images elusively on the periphery of our mainstream vision that can be hauntingly registered as distractions from the larger narrative of our culture, provocations and perversities we choose to ignore as a matter of common decency that remain with us long after we’ve chosen to look the other way.