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Peter Voulkos’ chargers in Sloan Schaffer’s Miami house, Casa Grove
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Sloan Schaffer

by Brook S. Mason

Though Sloan Schaffer, 33, only opened his 101/exhibit gallery in Miami’s Design District a scant three years ago, he’s already racked up 36 exhibitions and appearances at a slew of fairs from Palm Beach3 and Art Chicago to Scope and Art Hamptons, as well as some in San Francisco. ¬†And while his latest show, “Jason Shawn Alexander: Undertow,” which spotlights the large-scale, figurative work of the rural Tennessee-born, L.A.-based artist, (b. 1975), only opened on Dec. 2, Schaffer has already sold 25 percent of the work, which is priced in the $7,000-$32,000 range.


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