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Chris Hipkiss
Lonely Europe Arm Yourself (detail)
John Michael Kohler Center
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Drawing Notebook
by N.F. Karlins

"Obsessive Drawing," Sept. 14, 2005-Mar. 19, 2006, at the American Folk Art Museum, 45 West 53rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10019

Obsessive looking is the natural response to "Obsessive Drawing," the new exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum in Manhattan. Of the five artists in the show, who hail from around the globe, four offer work that is minimalist is design and maximalist in execution.

The fifth artist, Chris Hipkiss, is represented by a 35-foot-long narrative environmentalist diatribe, Lonely Europe Arm Yourself (1994-5), which is "operatic" and then some, to use the words of AFAM curator Brooke Anderson.