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Master of the Burg Weiler Altariece, Wurttemberg
Martyrs of the Theban Legion
ca. 1480
"Late Medieval Panel Paintings: Methods, Materials, Meanings"
Richard L. Feigen & Co.
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Old Masters

by Paul Jeromack

New York in late January is a veritable marathon of Old Masters, from the big auctions at Christie's and Sotheby’s to smaller dealer shows. Especially notable is the exhibition of 22 late-15th-century panel paintings from Northern Europe and especially Germany -- made outside of the better-known centers in Italy and the Netherlands -- presented at Richard L. Feigen & Co. on East 69th Street by Sam Fogg, a leading London dealer of medieval manuscripts. Many of the paintings emphasize the suffering of Christ and the Saints with considerable intensity. The show opened last fall, but remains on view through the rest of January 2012.


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