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Tony Fitzpatrick’s sign for the Three Aces pub on West Taylor Street in Chicago
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by Tony Fitzpatrick

In the past couple of months I've designed a couple of signs -- it's kind of a natural fit because my work has a strong graphic component. In both cases I did these for friends of mine. Anthony Potenzo from Three Aces and Donnie Madia of Big Star are both old and dear friends of mine -- both are Chicago Italian guys who remind one of how this city used to talk -- both have thick Chicago accents and a curbside eloquence that reflects their respective upbringings -- Donnie is a west-side Italian and Anthony grew up on Taylor Street in a tight-knit Italian American enclave that used to be notorious for protecting its borders from ANYONE whose last name did not end in a vowel. They are the kind of guy's I met and had felt like I'd known them my whole life -- and in a way I had -- they are guys who love this city and devour anything having to do with its history -- both are consummate story-tellers who evince a remarkable generosity of spirit. They are my friends and I am fortunate for having them.